I'm having difficulties downloading / accessing Twinkl at school

If you are a user experiencing difficulties we would always recommend that you get in contact with both us, and your local ICT responsible party. It is important that ICT responsible parties are notified in order that they can understand the scale and spread of any access issues and therefore be able to properly investigate and resolve them.

Access issues to the Twinkl website can be very frustrating for educators who rely on our resources to help them to provide the very best learning experience. We recognise this and do all that we can to proactively and responsively ensure access to the Twinkl website infrastructure is possible. Examples of access issues are very rare, this mainly because whilst Twinkl has no control over end-user systems, we maintain good relationships with those who do and they invariably understand the necessity of Twinkl to their user-base.

Typically within a school context your first point of contact will be your local ICT administrator, who will liaise with your LEA support team and/or your educational learning network support team (E.G. Grid For Learning / Regional Broadband Consortiums) on your behalf. You can also contact your LEA/GFL/RBC directly yourself using the technical details normally displayed in your browser when you experience access issues.

Contacting both us and your ICT responsible provider allows us to ensure everything within our control is functioning correctly, freeing up your ICT responsible party to focus on addressing any access issues under their control. If you reach out to us, we will typically ask you to provide us with screenshots to help us best understand your access issue, and may request further technical information so we can best liaise with your ICT responsible party. We understand this might be a little overwhelming, but you'll be in good hands with our customer services team and hopefully we'll have you back with access quickly.

You can read more information about verifying the security of the site in the 'I'd like more information on why the Twinkl site is secure!' FAQ (click back to access this FAQ). This is also an excellent resource to point your ICT support responsible party towards, for more in-depth technical information.

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